dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Beautiful Favorites

So I started to photograph at the beginning of the summer after not having done it for years. And I'm hooked I can tell you. The thing I want to learn the most is how I can get the best effects with natural light. But before I can I need to know more about the camera's I'm working with. Right now I am saving money for a new cam. I've worked with my Fuji Finepix S9500 which officially is not an SLR cam, the Canon 1100d and an SLR sony cam (which I forgot the serial of).

Here are my favorites of the summer.

Fuji Finepix S9300 - Marieke, May 2012

Fuji Finepix S9300 -  Peter & Erin, June 2012 

Fuji Finepix S9500 - America Souvenirs, July 2012 

Fuji Finepix S9500 - Sisterhood, July 2012

Fuji Finepix S9500 -  Friends Home, July 2012 

Fuji Finepix S9500 -  Me in Attic, August 2012

Fuji Finepix S9500, Thirza & Jael, August 2012

Canon 1100D - Photoshoot Aaalt

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice pics... btw your Bridge camera does allow you to shoot in RAW. Just have try.
    Cu, God bless

    1. It does?? Ow my..so far knowing my own camera..hehe. I'm going to try as soon as I have time again! I'm curious on what difference it will make! How are you sam? How is your wife?

  2. I'm fine... we are going to leiden this morning for a check. We may skype tonight if you got time.
    Oh and just one thing. By reading the Exif datas of your photos, the sony camera is a SONY DSLR-A200. Bye bye