zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

Beautiful day!

Had an awesome day today. Started out with fotoshooting for the label Aaalt. Most adorable dresses for girls and shirts for boys. Than had a good afternoon with my sister just going around our town and shop some. I bought a lovely pink shirt with bow at the neckline. So nice! 

The pictures I shot today where with my stephdads Canon 1100D. I'm trying to get more hold on ligthing and try as much for the right diafragma and shuttertime as possible to get the right effect. It's working pretty well. I don't have many pictures done yet from our shoot today, but I do have some of our location. Later on I made some pictures at home. I like really light pictures, as well in lighting as in feeling, so I tried some different settings inside the house to see what would work best. 

Enjoy. :) 

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