dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Beautiful Wedding (yes please!)

Aaron and I have been together for over a year now. We got engaged fairly quickly to most standards. But we knew getting engaged was the right commitment and we feel like God has blessed it. We have to go to a lot of trouble to get together. The immigration plans are a lot of paperwork and it's just not romantic at all. But we knew what we where getting into and a promise is a commitment. Several people said; "You can still get out of this and choose another road if it's so much trouble". Luckily non of my close friends said this to me, because I would take it to heart if they where saying this. But instead I can state: "no I can't get out of this." First of all because I don't want to because I love Aaron so much and second of all because I've already made a commitment. A promise! Promises are to keep. Big and small. And ofcourse we sometimes made promises to quick and can't keep them, but this one I thought over quite much and  I am able to keep it.

But with all the paperwork being so incredibly unromantic I have to lift the romance up by googeling and pinning a lot (i repeat a looooot) of wedding inspiration. So here I've put together three themes. Enjoy with me!

Blue Wedding

 Soft Las Vegas Wedding

Vintage Forest Wedding

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  1. Ah paperwork.... I do know it as Lisa is German born in Kazakhstan and I French, but you just have to do it once for life ;o). When is the big day ?
    I like the blue wedding. Vintage is really trendy but sometime it just a little bit to much.
    I think a wedding should represent the bridal couple. The questions is what do you like, have you a passion in common (music, a film, photography...).
    Here some pics of our wedding.
    good luck with the decision (Wedding preparation time is just greeeeat).
    Cu and God bless,


    1. Yeah i think paperwork get's us grounded haha it's the real patience test. We still don't have a weddingdate because it's still hard to tell when we will be able to be together. Plus we need to get some finances in order for us to have a wedding at all. It think the most of things we have in common is our faith in jesus and making music for Him. We botg enjoy that doing together. And we both love Israel which is something really important to me. We love going out on the streets and pray for people, or just worship God together. But it's hard when we're not together and some days it doesn't seem like anything is working. I love vintage but i don't know how far i would take it into my wedding. Secondhand is my thing, everything in my house is secondhand :-) but yeah. I love your wedding pics! We are happy if we will be able to affort a photographer right now. It's really important to me but we don't have a lot of money because for example his parents are not able to buy the tickets themselves. Sometimes i just wish i won the lottery...but then again i love this adventure into the unknown. God surely is good!