Vision & Person

Alright so I've been thinking lately...about we all do from time to time. Daily life can swallow us all in can't it? And sometimes it drives me nuts that I'm living my life...but actually I'm not.
I'm always dreaming off, always want more in life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not's just...I'm a dreamer. And sometimes life makes me this all that I should do? Work, eat, eat, it's so boring sometimes.  I have a pretty dynamic life. I have a job that...well  let's say keeps challenging me. I'm always busy. And than I also have a huge social life. Involved in building the kingdom of God in love by encouraging people, pray for them and be there for them.

But at the core..what's it all about? God taught me; it's beauty. True beauty, true love, true people. So I decided my goal in life should be; loving God, loving people and just make beautiful things.

And this blog will be about those things...about the things I make in fashion, interior, graphic design, photography and more. And the blog will also reflect me. I don't really have a goal with this blog. I don't care if anyone would read it. I just want to lay a huge egg here on the internet.

Hi, I'm Bertina. 25 years old, fashion stylist and a lover of Jesus.

And I'm just here to share Beautiful Things.

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