vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Thirza & Jael


Yesterday evening Thirza & Jael came by for a small photoshoot. The light was going down quick yesterday after we where shooting. I have troubles with my FujiFinepix S9500 which is kinda difficult to switch light with when it's getting darker. I definatly should have taken out my tripod (which actually  I do have) for better pictures. The darker it became the more difficulty I had with the light giving the effect I wanted. I really had a life and learn moment uploading the pictures. I really should have used the tripod. My cam showed the pics on the display just fine but when I came in a lot where blurry....and when I did use the right diafragma and shuttertime it showed too much noise in some of the images. Still they gave some nice images, but I definatly wanna do it over with the same light to train myself. I'm reading a lot of books at the moment, but they just don't say anything to me yet until I've tried. Ah well! I'm loving my learning-to-photograph-journey. It's funny that I found my dads pics last week. He used to be really into photography when younger. Ofcourse plain oldschool film camera..which I think is even more of an art! He made such pretty pictures. I know we have tons of books about photography in one of the boxes here.


Thank you so much! And indeed I do love comments :) thanks for the input you guys!

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