maandag 13 augustus 2012

Photoshoot Marieke & Linda

As promised some of the pictures I made yesterday. Love these girls. It was so much fun! We made pictures in different settings. The only thing that was my trouble was the was sooooo bright. But I like light pictures, so for the most part it's fine. I'm still so much busy on the tuning and the lighting. I hope to get familiar with it soon enough so I can focus more on poses. But overal for like my 3rd shoot...I'm pretty content :) 

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  1. Nice photos... It´s true sun can be your best allies or your worse "enemy". But that´s why photography is exciting and challenging. What is your camera and how late did take the picture ? (Best light is always in the late afternoon or early morning... perfect for some flair effects...). Cu, God bless,

    1. Hey Sam, I took the pics with an SLR Sony cam, but I don't remember the exact name. I myself have a FujiFinepix S9500. I bought it about 8 years back. For that time a fine digital SLR cam. But when the light is changing quickly it is hard to change the diafragma and shuttertime. That and plus the 9.0 megapixels are not the I'm trying several cams of friends of mine. Do you have some advice for a decent SLR cam that won't cost me a fortune just yet? I would like to go pro in the end, but for now a simpeler one would do the trick. The pic where made from the afternoon to evening...all the way trough the sun was reaaaaallly bright and clouds! I had a hard time trying to find a spot where the shadows of the trees for example where softer. The coutures where heavy. But still I was satisfied but do want to get a lot more out of the daylight and my cam. Any advice would be great! :) Thanks for your respond! God bless!

    2. Hey Bertina!
      Taming light is quite hard but it really fun when you get the result you wanted. Here one photoshooting I made with my wife and her sister who are pregnant ( Light was just wonderful it was against 7 am, 8 am...
      I´m using a 5d mk II but it´s quite expensive. I have also a 60d. But every DSLR is quite good : 550d, 600d, 650d or even the 1100d. (I started with a 350d.. a really old one..hihihi) But more important are the lenses !!!! I use almost all the time prime lenses : 50 mm 1.4 (but the 1.8 which costs only 100€ is really good), 85 mm 1.8, 100 mm 2.8 and 35 mm 2.8 (the last two one for macro). So if I were you, I would first choose for a constructor Nikon or Canon, take a basic camera but invest in some prime lenses (I would start just with the 50 mm and train then in manual modes).
      Where are you staying in the Netherlands. I´m in Den Haag (exactly in Rijswijk). If you are sometime around I could let you try my DSLRs and give you some tricks if you want (here my email
      Good luck with training,
      God bless,


    3. Hey Sam, that is an amazing picture. I'm actually thinking of buying the 1100D canon. I've tried it several times and i'm quite happy with it's results and also with the way you can handle it. And i also always try to do everything manual so i'll learn the fastest. You live in den hague! That is funny, i used to live at holland spoor for 4 years and did art acadamy there. Don't mind if i do come by some time! That would be so amazing! I'd love to do more with photography. I loved it when i was in my teenage years but somehow left it and noe i'm in fashiondesign and it's just not satisfying to me. But photograohy just brings me back to life! I would love to come by in a weekend. To next few weekends i'm busy. But i will send you a mail soon enough :-) thank you so much it is truely an encouragement to me! I'm going to take a look at your blog :-)