donderdag 23 augustus 2012


Sometimes I wonder. Is it true that we can live out our dreams? If we would really try? Although I am firmly convinced we are to chase our dreams, I'm not sure we can all get what we want. I just hope and pray my dreams are Gods dreams and He will help me live them.

But I do get encouraged when I bump into someone who actually is a dream chaser and is living it out. It just gives me such a boost to not give up my dreams and visions of life.

Let me introduce Nadia Meli (see below). I just got to know her today (not in person, although I am sure I would have some good conversations with her, as her vision is almost same as mine). Somebody who actually is commenting on my blogs has introduced her work to me. I just get so inspired by people who live their dream. And this photographer is doing it so well. The lights, the moments, the love are just dwelling out of her work. It is the reflection of what I would love to do. Although of course I do want to develop my own handwriting. But I love it how she too believes LOVE is the most important thing in life and surely life is too short to hesitate. If we have the chance we should grasp it. But for now I have to do it with my dreams. I'm actually writing out a plan for my future. I do want to develop in photography and I am very aware I need to learn a lot and need training (and a new & better cam...anyone feeling generous?), but I also want to do more in graphic design and styling (love to do bridal styling in the sence of styling a wedding). The last two I am convinced I've learned enough about to use for work...the first one...hummm I need to train it in order to make a good living out of it. But as I said...I'm dreaming, praying and hoping these plans are God's plans.

For now...get inspired too by this young woman who is chasing her dreams. Nadia Meli;

Nadia is you somehow see my blog for any reason. Just know; you're pictures and attitude make me happy and encouraged.

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  1. Nadia is really great. You definitely should meet her. She does also workshop and mentoring if you're interested. Just mail her (she might take her time because she's really busy but trust me its worth it).
    Cu and God bless,

  2. This is so sweet of you Bertina! Thanks so much for this post! Keep on chasing what you love! God will take care of the rest :)
    Love, Nadia

    1. Yay you read it! I'm happy you like it :-) God indeed is taking care of it while we speak. It's awesome to see Him make the impossible's so typically God. Thank you for the encouragement! Love, bertina