donderdag 6 september 2012

Light + 4000 viewers makes me happy!

Celebration! I'm over 4000 viewers :) that makes me happy!

Tonight I came home and I did so much wanted to make pictures. But I was lazy, very lazy and did not wanna go outside. Neither did I have a model. So I did what every crazy person would do and I made pictures of myself. I think I need to buy a model so I can use her to test light. 

This time I was shooting with a canon eos 400D with EF 55 mm lens. Ofcourse I had trouble focusing because I didn't have anything as high as me to focus on and than stand into place. Ah well...I did like the light coming from the outside and later also light came from the other side. I did not use RAW which I bitterly regret right now (oke not bitterly but I do regret is...yes sorry master Sam). Also I did crop the photo's and they turned out not so good in quality. But as said I am lazy and I need some sleep I think you guys get it about the light ;)


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