maandag 17 september 2012

The beauty of Marriage

I remember when I used to get jealous when going to a wedding. Sometimes I was even mad at God. I was so specific on what I thought my future husband was going to be like and ofcourse...I didn't find him for a long time. The fact was, I didn't need to search to find. But before I realised that, I was frustrated and sometimes sad. I remember one time leaving a wedding early, crying in my car asking God why it was so difficult for me to be alone.  I so desperatly wanted someone to share my heart with on a deeper level and be a team for God. God learned me to be alone with Him and to be honest He is still learning me this on another level.

But nowadays I don't cry on weddings (except when it's soooo emotional). I know for a fact that God is in control and I don't need to be frustrated, or anxious, or scared, because God will work this out. And this saturday was one of the best weddings everrrr! A good friend on mine got married and it was such a blessing to be a guest. I helped the photographer out with some details and putting the dress in order before the pictures where taken. I tried her cam for a minute...if there was one thing I got jealous about on this wedding it has to be that camera. Canon 5D mark II with an awesome lens.

But yeah...I didn't really have the time to make pictures so I didn't make that many pictures. Which I (deeeeeeply) regret now. And I am normally a person of commitment but I'm sorry that I want to divorce from my's just not working for me. I don't really have a big budget but I'm looking around for a cam that will fit me better than this one.

But for whats worth, here some shots. Enjoy.


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