vrijdag 14 september 2012

Home is where love is.

Pfff, this has been such a crazy week. So much to do, not so many time to do it! Also the good and nice stuff that keeps us busy can exhaust us. I have such a problem with sitting still. I just wanna spend every second of my life just DOING something. Feeling like I'm using every minute. Sometimes my Jesus calls me back from it, we tend to forget that rest is very useful.

With the season me and Aaron are in right now, we are having trouble seeing the big picture. We know God put us together, we know he has a goal...we pray and we see blessings. But just that one direction...that one word we are still waiting for: "GO!". We are sitting on the edge of our seats looking at God's closed hands as He has them right in front of us...in His hands is this plan...we know it's there....but we can't see it until He opens His hands up. I can see His face...how He's smiling, looking like He's up to something. I can see how He looks at us while our eyes are focussed on his hands for Him to open it. He can't wait...we can't wait...but He will open it when the time is right.

And we as little children have to trust our Daddy. That He knows best, He loves us, He has His plan for us. My dear Daddy, He is so caring and so patient with us. We do count our blessings.

And than sometimes I just have to keep up the dreaming so I won't drown in my own plans, or thoughts on what things are NOT working (and trust me a lot isn't working for us right now). Someday I hope to have that life with Aaron, to start a family. So here is my inspiration for our  future home! Aaron and I agreed that I'm in hand of the styling..he get's one room to do with it what he wants (good deal if you ask me). I have a very diverse taste and I know our home won't look like anything I've put in here...haha! There only three things I am hoping for in a home; big windows, hardwood floors, paintable walls.

"It is well with my soul, my dear Jesus is in control."

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