donderdag 10 mei 2012

Restored Amsterdam

Alright last post before I go to bed! 

So a few years back I was doing some research for Art Acadamyl. I was searching on what I wanted to do with my creativity. One things that just kept coming back to me all the time was my faith in Jesus. It just kept me busy. How could I combine my love for Him and the gospel in my work? To be honest all the "christian" art I've saw back then was sooooo boring (and ugly). Why do we always need crosses and fishes to make clear what we want to make clear (to be honest crosses and fishes only make people uncomfertable and associate with religion). So to make a long story short I ended up at an upper floor of an old building with two woman who where starting off a new concept; Restored.  They found that God is restoration and beauty and with this concept in hand they started a shop. It quickly became pretty well known and before they knew it they where having a store at a beautiful location in Amsterdam. They sold products of a lot of young and new designers. Before I knew it I saw them in magazines as Elle, 101 Woonideeen, VT Wonen and a lot more!

Nowadays Restored is being kept by David & Marijke. 

"We love to participate in co-creating a God-fashioned-world, where all fits together. We keep faith with the rubble around and find lots of pretty glimpses of hope to share. You’re welcome."

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