zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Bij Juut - Harderwijk

Today I visited Dutch Harderwijk to do some shopping. I haven't been in there in ages. And to my (pleasant) suprise there was a new shop at the beginning of the shopping area. Well it wasn't really "new" because they've been there since Octobre they told me. But still it was new to me. Bij Juut has a lot of nice little fancy interior decorations like frames, vases, candles and (fake) flowers. I loved the whole presentation atmosphere in the shop. I was kinda bummed that I didn't have my "master" camera with me...but oh well phones do the trick these days, although one is a it blurry.

Bij Juut is the perfect place to buy your friends a gift or just to get those little "eyecatchers" for your home.

When you're in Harderwijk one day please do go by! I know I will.

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