dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Beautiful Wedding Inspirations

 Looking for some wedding inspiration? I know I have been. I didn't believe in the perfect wedding until I came along these blogs and webpages. I've seen the wedding light now!

 Here are my top 5 inspiration sources.


1. 100 Layer Cake is one of my favorite blogs. The (wedding) inspiration is endless. I wasn't into weddings until their blog converted me. From interior to fashion, from photography to movies. Awesome locations and great DIY weddings. Absolutely love their creative spirit and input!

2. The brooklyn bride is a great wedding inspiration blog. I esspecially like the way she has her catogories up so you can easily skip from DIY projects to Photography & Videos. Also lots of graphic design inspiration (for invitations or menu's). Also great engagementshoots with city influences. Great!

3. Alice Mahran Photography; this young woman has an eye for beauty. I love her I-want-to-capture-beauty attitude. She does not rely on what you should know about photography....she just does photography. And I think the best way to see if things work, is to do it. Love her images, they captivate me. 

4. The Velvetine team is an inspiration for me. These young woman just got started. With their love and passion for "love for life". They believe in "love for life" and "two people making a choice for eachother". So I don't only love they way they do photography but I also share their vision of making a life long commitment to one another. Love is always a good feeling, it's a choice. Their blog has some good inspiration from all around the globe!

5. The Wedding Chicks is a very recent discovery. Dresses, locations, photography inspiration, DIY, recipes they got it all! Also take notice of their Free Printables area, with photocards, save the dates and much more.

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