donderdag 17 mei 2012

A Beautiful Day

Alright so..we totally went off topic with the whole photoshoot. A lot of things just weren't prepared good enough to make it work (which I kinda knew but was to stubborn to let go until I actually saw it wasn't working). So my sister lives on a farm these days...and we just took off from there. There are still some hints of the moodboard that come back, but it's different. It was my first to do it  all alone, with ofcourse the lovely eye-help of my sister. I did hair, make-up, styling and photography. Photography was a first for well as make-up but we didn't do anything special. So...what do you guys think so far? (I would really like to see some more reactions! ;) ) 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat heeft ze een gave jurk aan op de bovenste foto's, die lange witte jurk. Wie, wat, waar, hoe duur? :)
    Ik heb trouwens sinds kort mijn Polaroidcamera aan de praat, als je daar es mee wilt frutselen let me know :)

    Groetjes, Elise

  2. H&M baby...35 eurie maar wel een half jaar terug gekocht. Ik heb zelf een polaroid cam ;-)