dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Beautiful Treasures

Home for 1,5 week now. I miss the US like crazy. I miss my love like crazy. Aaron is THE most wonderful man I've ever met. It's a funny lovestory and I'll tell more of how Aaron and I met and how our story began when I'm updating my weddingposts! Now here are some pictures of my favorite items I brought back from the states and some random pics of my room, because it's nice to just make random shots of stuff :) 

On the left my favorite shoes of the moment. Bought them at Nordstorm in the US. Dress on the right...plain old H&M :)

 I have been thinking a lot about photography lately. Before I started again about 2 months ago I hadn't picked up my camera seriously for years. Now that I have, I'm falling in love with it yet again. So when  I was in the US I right away ordered some books from amazone. These books make me happy!

 Got the Jesus shirt and the top at  Forever21 I had never heard of the store before (haven't been much outside of dutch borders yet).
 Working a lot on our Wedding the last few days. Our whole relationship is quite the labor. Aaron living in the US and me living in Dutchieland. But still we manage and we will manage. God is good!

And then my first weddinginvitations! Made them for friends of mine who are getting married in september. They worked out quite well. If you are in any need of weddinginvitations just give me a message! Working on my portfolio so I have cheap prices for them :) (I do a lot of graphic design at my work).

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