vrijdag 22 juni 2012

Beautiful words.

Do you ever have a bad day? No? Well lucky you! Because I have had a ton of them lately. Most of my bad days had to do with my own view on life. I haven't all be satisfied with life lately...nor have I been grateful. And I knew it wasn't the way to go, but I just didn't seem to wanna help it. I just needed to blur it out. I've found out in life that a lot of the time people just reaaaaaally badly wanna show the world that they're happy. And we are all supposed to be happy to. "Life succeeded when I am happy" I once heard. I don't agree with that at all. It's nice and fine if we can be happy in all circumstances...it would be a great victory actually, but it shouldn't be the eternal goal. I think life is succeeded if I did what I needed to do in this life. Determined by God who put the talents in me that I have and the dreams that I try to live. I think life succeeded when I helped somebody in this life. By love. Last queensday we photographed the people on the street, they could get the pictures for free on the internet. One woman I remember...she was in a wheelchair, just had surgery and was recovering. I prayed for her healing and God told me it was very important for her to be out of that wheelchair. For her to do the things she loves she needed to walk. I told her this. She looked serious and hopeful at me and nodded her head. And I just love that...that giving and sharing of heart and just being there for people with simple things. People expect God to resolve their problems just like that...but even in the recovery of things He just softly wants to show us that He hears us and sees us and is helping even when we don't see. I might never be a huge famous stylist (and believe me I'm not aiming for it either) or a great photographer...but I don't care. As long as I can give time, talents and encouragement to others I'm happy.

So with this in mind I try to look to the brighter side of life. Trying to feed myself with uplifting quotes and words. Ofcourse the Bible to me is a great inspiration, but Pinterest is my second bible lately ;) so here you go. Hope you will be encouraged!

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